Olive oil

Pietrafitta’s olive groves cover 3.5 hectares of terraced fields and 2 hectares of specialist cultivation. The olive varieties are the typical Chianti ones: mainly Frantoio and, to a lesser extent, Pendolino, Leccino and Moraiolo. The type of cultivation is the polyconic vase cultivation. Olives are harvested by hand to ensure the maximum integrity of the fruit and to avoid offsetting oxidative processes which would compromise the quality of the oil extracted. Thanks in particular to the type of soil and the altitude of the olive groves, to the hand harvesting and the cold oil pressing process, the oil obtained has an incredibly fruity taste and aroma, and an excellent ability to last over time.

It is an oil with a very low degree of acidity (0.2% at source), of an intense yellow/green colour, markedly fruity and yet delicate, slightly spicy and herby with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Recommended for daily use with soups, grilled meat or fish.

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