Information for customers on measures adopted by Borgo di Pietrafitta to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Version updated on 11 June 2020


At Borgo di Pietrafitta we care deeply about the well-being, health, safety and protection of our guests, our employees and our business partners.

We have further stepped up our efforts to offer you a pleasant holiday, following the latest government guidelines: in order to implement the specific health prevention provisions, we have put in place an action plan that also includes the sanitising of environments, prevention of contagion, training and protection of staff that looks after you. All staff have been made aware of how to apply and monitor the implementation of new protocols.

In order to prioritise the protection of our guests and collaborators and to adapt to the specific regulations in force, some services may be affected by temporary changes with respect to those offered on the website.

We are constantly monitoring changes in recommendations and guidelines to provide you with the best possible service and for this reason, some of the information provided here may change.

Hygiene and cleanliness

At Borgo di Pietrafitta we have always ensured compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness but during this period, we have adopted new and improved specific measures for preventing coronavirus.

We use new products and hygiene devices and we have adopted special operating procedures for cleaning both private as well as shared and service areas, so that we can offer you environments which are not only cleaner but also sanitised.

We have increased the frequency of housekeeping rounds, especially in shared areas and in high-contact points (e.g. bathrooms, counter tops, hallways, handles, equipment)

We have provided hand disinfection points, reduced the number of people indoors, spaced out seats, created routes that minimise the possibility of queues and gatherings.

Should any unforeseen events arise, telephone numbers and contact details of local medical centres are available at the Borgo’s reception desk.

We monitor any signs and symptoms of Covid 19 experienced by our employees and suppliers on a daily basis.

While we await to fully resume our normal activities, we would like to provide you with some practical information.


We ask that you inform us of any requests and needs you may foresee during the booking process so as to understand them clearly and make any necessary arrangements as soon as possible prior to your arrival, thus reducing the waiting and contact time in the reception area.

Following confirmation of your booking, we ask that you provide us with a mobile phone number in the event we need to contact you urgently; we also ask that you provide us in advance with an identity document number for all occupants of the room and apartment, in order to improve the check-in process and other services.

General information

Borgo di Pietrafitta is surrounded by nature and offers wide open spaces where you can enjoy its peace and beauty: this is also the reason why it will be easier to comply with social distancing rules. We ask you to follow the rules of a minimum distance of one metre with people who do not share your room and to always wear a protective face covering indoors or outdoors when this distance cannot be maintained.

Within the Borgo, there are plenty of hand sanitisation gel dispenser points.

In order to reduce contact through cash handling, we ask you to please pay using contactless payment systems (room charge, electronic contactless or “smart” credit cards).

Arrival, reception, check-in, check-out

Conditions for accessing the premises and body temperature checks: upon your arrival a check will be performed to read your temperature and blood oxygen levels and you will be asked some questions; information and answers provided will not be transcribed or stored. In the event of temperatures above 37.5° and/or symptoms or conditions due to possible Covid-19 infection, unfortunately we will not be able to allow access to the premises. We therefore ask you to only travel if you are in good health.

Check-in: upon your arrival we would like to be able to greet you more warmly but this year, it will not be possible to do so and indeed we are forced to ask you to keep contact time at the reception desk to a minimum. Only one member of your group should come to the reception desk. If you have prepared ahead of time the identity documents of all members of your group and documentation related to your booking, you will help us to reduce check-in times and access your room quicker. We ask you to please prioritise contactless payment forms that reduce cash handling.

Information request: if you need to ask us information or make any suggestions, we will be happy to assist you, but please make any requests by telephone rather than directly at the reception desk. Nonetheless, we will double our efforts to assist you with any requests that you may have.

Departure and check-out: as for the check in, we ask you to please plan your departure with sufficient time, requesting in advance information on the account balance, any shuttle requests and anything else that may be necessary.


Breakfast for room occupants will be served at the tables in the breakfast room; for apartments we will deliver a basket to the apartment, while fresh products may be picked up directly from our breakfast room.

Room cleaning measures

Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with specific virucidal disinfectants prior to your arrival.

During your stay, rooms will be thoroughly ventilated and cleaned; for precautionary reasons, please do not stay in your room when it is being cleaned by our staff.

For apartments, cleaning and sanitisation is performed on request, as usual.


Refrigerators, cleaned and sanitised prior to your arrival, will be stocked with water to welcome you.


I nostri tavolini con vista sul Chianti non hanno bisogno che di voi per organizzare le degustazioni dei nostri vini e dei prodotti tipici del territorio: ricordatevi solo di prenotarle in anticipo.

Food and wine tasting events

Tables overlooking the Chianti countryside are available for organising a tasting event of our wines and typical local products: just remember to book them in advance.

Swimming pool

The pool is ready to be used by you. The Borgo’s outdoor grounds allow for relaxation areas to be enjoyed by all occupants of rooms and apartments. In order to comply with government regulations, we must limit access to water to no more than 14 people at a time, but it is rare for the pool to be crowded.

On your arrival you will be given a plate to place on your sun umbrella to book it for the entire day; we will ensure to sanitise all equipment every morning, so that you can renew your choice daily with total confidence.

We have increased micro-biological water analysis testing, so that you can enjoy our infinity pool with complete peace of mind.


The barbecue area with scenic views is an open-air cinema.

The need to comply with social distancing will prevent group barbecues from taking place this year, in favour of more romantic or intimate barbecues, but this might well turn out to be an opportunity rather than a restriction!


This information sheet is a short summary of the Covid-19 protocol drawn up by our company which provides more in-depth information.



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