New image for the Borgo di Pietrafitta

The Borgo di Pietrafitta is a very special complex, completely surrounded by the flourishing and generous Chianti countryside. For this reason, the new image of the Relais has been designed to reflect this deep relationship with the environment of which it is part.

To avoid didactic naturalistic illustrations, its inspiration was taken from the ancient floral representations, typical of churches and, more generally, of Tuscan architecture from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance period. A geometric symbol then, but one that encapsulates the very essence of nature as it was perceived centuries ago by extraordinary artists and architects who donated dozens of masterpieces to humanity. The logo of Borgo di Pietrafitta is therefore a twofold tribute: to the countryside of Tuscany and to the great minds which enriched it thanks to their ingenuity.

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Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais

Loc. Pietrafitta, 46
53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI), Italia

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